Who Knows Where The Time Goes

Who Knows Where The Time Goes

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2012 was a moving year. It moved me from here to there and back again. Through fire and rain, through joy, love and pain. Through lessons I’ll never learn. It led me to crossroads and I chose my way, my own special way. I saw dancers, musicians, all kinds of artists who enriched my life. Music was ringing through the air. I found without searching and I lost without knowing. Spring was promising, summer was hot, autumn was chilling and winter came silently. I saw shining colours and every shade of grey from the brightest white to the darkest black. And still I am on my way and I am thankful for all the people who still accompany me. Among them friends I have never met in person. Being close to somebody is not a question of miles or kilometers. I know. So cheers to all of you. May the road rise up to meet you all next year. Just let’s take the challenge and make it a lucky one!